I have been working as a software developer for many years, and currently, I work as a software architect/technical lead. I have experience with both Agile and Waterfall software development methodologies. Throughout my career, I have been involved in the production of projects using Monolithic, semi-Microservices, and recently Microservices architecture.

When it comes to approaching project production processes, my focus is on technologies that enable fast and effective development. I aim to create modular projects that are future-proof, compatible, reusable, centrally manageable, and adhere to solid standards. Emphasizing compliance and adaptation, I prepare documentation and prioritize code readability. I ensure smooth workflow continuity by promoting adaptation and constants within the team.

Medicana Sağlık Grubu - Software Development Team Lead - 2021

.net core, c#, react, devexpress react tools, grpc, ms sql server, nginx, docker-compose, trello, git
Etiya - Software Architect - 2012 - 2021
Omnichannel TurkTelekom Web Application, AI chatbot(flow based and ai supported), Complaint management system(flow based), xDSL

spring boot, java, nodejs, react, vue, seam, postgresql, oracleDB, nginx, docker-compose, rabbitMQ, redis, svn, git, jira, tomcat, weblogic
EliteCard Kart Sistemleri - Senior Software Specialist - 2010 - 2012
crm, e-commerce, android applications

c#, asp.net, .net, mssqlserver, android sdk, team foundation server, iis
Ping Digital Agency - Senior Software Specialist - 2009-2010
konsolosluk, e-commerce applications

c#, asp.net, .net, mssqlserver, team foundation server, iis
Arşivist Arşiv Sistemleri - Software Specialist - 2006 - 2008
document system, web apps

c#, asp.net, .net, delphi, mssqlserver, team foundation server, iis
Ekare Kontrol Sistemleri - Software Specialist- 2005-2006
cnc automation

.net, c#, plc, motion control card
Rnd Yazılım - Software Specialist Assistant - 2004-2005
e-commerce applications

c# , asp.net, ms sql server, team foundation server, iis
  Spring Boot, Seam, Java, .Net Core, Asp.Net Mvc-Razor, C#, Nodejs, AspectJ(AOP)

React, Vue,

Nginx, Docker-Compose, Redis, RabbitMQ,

Maven, Git, Svn,

Richfaces, JSF, JSP,

Python, Delphi,

Android SDK, AndEngine, Unity 3d(2d),

Oracle DB PL / SQL, MS Sql Server TSQL, PostgreSQL

Javascript, Jquery, Dhtml, Css,

Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Linux Shell, Ms Office
 Master  - Yönetim Bilişim Sistemleri
 Oracle Soa Suite 11g: Essential Concepts Ed 2

 TMForum - Information Framework

 Uluslararası Sertifikalı Agile & Scrum Eğitimi

 Blockchain Teknik Teorik

 Scum Master

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